Busted! 6/6/2012

Jenny Scarborough

There are a number of ways to get Busted on the Beach.

Driving while intoxicated on the beach will get you arrested, as a Virginia man discovered last week.  

Nine warnings were written to speeding drivers;  two drivers reached velocities high enough to be rewarded with violation notices.  

A group of friends managed to attract the attention of Park Rangers.  Some were of legal drinking age; others were not.  Two violation notices were issued, for providing alcohol to a minor and for underage possession.   

A driver who was "doing doughnuts and tearing up the place" received a violation notice for unsafe operations, said Ranger Ed Fuller.  Had he and the driver of an accompanying truck watched the video necessary to procure an ORV permit, they may have chosen to drive more prudently.   Both were written violation notices for failure to get ORV permits.

Seven other drivers were warned that visitors to the National Seashore must purchase ORV permits in order to drive in off-road areas of the Cape Hatteras National Seashore.

Two dog owners were warned to put their pets on a leash.

While the beach has seasonal restricted areas for bird and turtle nesting, campfires are confined to below the high tide line of the lifeguarded beach.  A free fire permit must be applied for at the ranger station.  Rangers issued two warnings for lighting fires in unauthorized areas.

During their regular patrols of the NPS Campground, Rangers warned four people to comply with the facilities rules and regulations.  

At least one Ocracoke resident has been confused by nesting closures that extend from the dunes to the shoreline, like the one near the north end area that frequently washes over.  Any closure that extends to the shoreline should be considered the end of the road, said Fuller.  Four wheel drive vehicles shall not pass.

If readers notice an increasing number of violation notices being written, it is simply because the season is getting busier, and not because Rangers are cracking down any more than usual, said Fuller.  


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