Busted! 5/28/2012

Jenny Scarborough

Memorial Day weekend was busy, but not out of the ordinary.

One Ranger from a different park joined the three Ocracoke enforcement officers for the holiday weekend.  "The extra help is nice.  Otherwise you always work by yourself.  It's a lot easier with two people," said Ranger Ed Fuller. 

Early in the week a female from Virginia was charged with DWI on South Point Road.

27 warnings were issued for not having ORV permits.  One person received a violation notice for no permit. 

Two dog owners were warned to keep pets on a leash.

Six people were stopped and warned to slow down.  Two others were written violation notices for speeding.

Rangers issued one warning for failure to stop at a stop sign, and one for a seat belt violation.

Children must be secured in safety seats.  Two drivers were reminded of this.

Three people between the ages of 18 and 20 received violation notices for underage possession of alcohol.  It is a payable offense that costs $150. 

Two people were warned that it is illegal to possess spirituous liquors in the park.  Two others received violation notices for driving with open containers.

Four golf cart drivers headed out of town, and were warned to turn back around. 

The NPS Campground was full all weekend, said Fuller.  Rangers regularly patrol the loops after quiet hours begin at 9 p.m.  Six warnings were issued for various violations, like excessive noise and leaving fires unattended. 

Six sun-loving people were indecently exposed, and received warnings.  Bottoms on in order to be in compliance with the law.

"We're not trying to write as many tickets as we can.  We use discretion about issuing violations,"  said Fuller.  "If you look at the ratio of warnings to violation notices, we're on the light side."

Check out Busted on the Beach next week to learn how Ocrafolk Festival goers stack up to the Memorial Day crowd when it comes to illegal hi-jinks.

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