Police Blotter 5/22/2012

Jenny Scarborough

Last week blustery, rainy weather made it hard to enjoy the beach.

The middle of the week was slow, said Sergeant Jason Daniels.  "By 10 p.m. on Thursday there was not a soul on the road," said Daniels, who headed home for some rest.   At 2:30 a.m. Friday morning he was awoken by a phone call.  A group of visiting men were walking home from the bar, and "one of them couldn't quite make it," said Daniels.

"I got out of bed, got in the car, and gave him a ride home.  Everything got squared away," said Daniels, who applauds the men for not driving after drinking.

On Saturday a ticket was issued to an underage drinker, who had hidden beer in the bushes near a local bar. 

A golf cart was reported stolen from Dajio on Saturday evening.  It was recovered less than 100 yards away, in the Anchorage parking lot.  The perpetrators were never discovered. 

A visitor spent Saturday night locked up after being issued a DWI ticket. 

Officers responded to a disturbance call on Saturday.  A person who was cut off by a bartender still wanted another drink.  When officers arrived to assist, minds were changed, and a peaceful exit was made.  No charges were brought.

On Monday both NPS Rangers and Ocracoke police responded to a call about an erratic driver.  Rangers arrested a visiting woman on South Point road, and the Sheriff's Department assisted with the breathalyzer.  She will appear in federal court to answer to the DWI charge.  If found guilty, the defendant will likely be banned from National Parks for one year, in addition to fines and other penalties.

In addition to routine traffic stops and warnings, one ticket was written for passing on the right.  Daniels reminds people that Ocracoke officers will always write that ticket.  Do not pass on the right. 

With Memorial Day approaching officers expect a busy weekend.  Think about the meaning of the holiday, Daniels said.  If a serviceman or woman who lost their life could come back, they probably wouldn't spend the day drunk, said Daniels.  If you are raising a glass this weekend, please do so responsibly.

Speaking of drinking, keep in mind that watering holes are governed by laws.  Bartenders cannot serve alcohol after 2 a.m., and bars cannot have anyone on the premises with an open container after 2:30 a.m.  "There is a reason last call is at 1:30 a.m.," said Daniels.  "When they ask you to leave, you need to roll," he said. 

If you are standing in front of a business finishing your drink after 2:30 a.m., you are still on the premises.  Ocracoke police will write you a ticket for the violation, which will cost $225.  ALE will be alerted, and the bar owners will face consequences as well.  Empty your glasses before a good night turns into a bad one.



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