Busted! 5/21/2012

Jenny Scarborough

Rangers encouraged visitors to the National Seashore to abide by park rules.

One driver received a violation notice for having an open container.   That convenient feature between the seats of your truck?  It's a cup holder, not a beer holder.

Another beach-goer was given a warning for possessing spirituous liquor in the park.  You may enjoy beer, wine or malt beverage (if that's your cup of tea) but not distilled spirits on land administered by NPS.  

Ranger Ed Fuller reported that a number of warnings were issued.

Nine drivers were told to purchase an ORV permit before returning to the beach in their vehicles. 

Golf carts may not travel on roads with a speed limit over 35 mph, effectively confining them to the village.  Two golf cart drivers failed to respect this rule.  One headed out of town on the road; the other made it all the way to the airport.

Taking your dog to the beach?  Put him or her on a leash.  Two pet owners received warnings last week.

For many people, vacations are an opportunity to slow down.  That was not the case for three drivers who received warnings for speeding.

Lifeguards will be on duty beginning Memorial Day weekend.  Stay safe and wear sunblock!

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