Open Letter Supporting "No Ferry Tax" Rally in Raleigh

To all,

      A tiny voice inside tells me to offer a word of caution. I hope I'm needlessly suspicious.

     The issue of added ferry taxes has consumed many of us, and it is beginning to look as if we may have turned the tide- both the Senate and the House are on the verge of reversing the imposition of these taxes thanks in large measure to legislation proposed by our Rep. Tim Spear and the many public expressions of opposition. 

     The planned large scale public appearance at the General Assembly, fostered by Mr and Mrs. McClees, is scheduled for 16 May. It would not be advisable, says my tiny voice, for us to let our guard down and disregard this appearance on the presumption that the battle is won. Such might be misinterpreted by the Assembly as lack of interest or overconfidence, and our opponents might seize the day and impose the added taxes.

     We must keep up the pressure in whatever way possible. Continued well-directed calls and letters, together with a good turnout in Raleigh on the 16th, seem to me to be imperative.

 This race goes not just to the swift but also to the persistent.  Be tortoises as well as hares.

Fred Westervelt

Ocracoke, NC

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