Busted! 4/30/2012

Jenny Scarborough

National Park Service Rangers spent last week helping visitors understand Park rules.

Ranger Ed Fuller reports that enforcement officers issued a number of warnings, and only one violation notice, to a North Carolina man for speeding.

Ten vehicles were stopped for driving on the beach without an Off Road Vehicle Permit.  Drivers were advised to visit the permit office behind the Visitor's Center before putting it back in four wheel drive and crossing an access ramp.

Beach speed limits are 15 miles per hour, down from 20 last year. Four drivers were told to slow down.

Dogs must be leashed at the beach. Rangers stopped three pet owners and informed them of the leash laws. The dogs were oblivious.

Open containers of alcohol are just as illegal on the beach as they are in the village. One warning was issued.

The bike path between ramp 72 and the NPS campground is for non-motorized traffic only. One golf cart driver received a warning for leaving the village boundaries and driving along the path.

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