Jenny Scarborough

This time of year is still relatively quiet at Ocracoke's National Seashore.

Park Service law enforcement officers patrol beaches, roads, sound side access, the campground and parking areas.

Ranger Ed Fuller reported that NPS issued one violation notice last week for driving a non-permitted vehicle on the beach.  Another visitor received a written warning for failure to obtain the permit.

A violation notice was given for unsafe operations, in this case for allowing a passenger to ride on the exterior of a vehicle.  Truck beds are fine.  The tops, sides and bumpers are not appropriate places to sit or stand, said Fuller.  Sand is not as forgiving and soft as you think.

A vacationing woman received a violation notice for permitting an unlicensed driver to operate a vehicle on the beach.  The days of learning to drive on south point road are over.

A man and a woman both were written up for disorderly conduct in Ocracoke Campground on Thursday.  Intoxication played a role, said Ranger Fuller.

On Friday, a visitor was given a citation for having an open container while driving on the beach.  Distilled spirits are not allowed in the park.  Beer and wine are, but not while you're behind the wheel.

Rangers joined the Sheriff's Department and EMS in responding to a call in the down base parking area Friday night.  A vacationing 17 year old male fell out of a golf cart and hit his head.  He took an East Care flight to Pitt Memorial Hospital in Greenville.

Check in next Monday for more Busted on the Beach.




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