Letters to the Editors

Thanks to Community

A huge round of "thanks yous" to all the Ocracoke friends who are praying for and sending powerful healing thoughts to Robyn, Stephen, Emmeline and the rest of our family. You don't know how much your kind words and smiles have helped. I'm headed for Utah indefinitely. Keep up with Robyn's progress on Caring Bridge (she's listed under Robyn Monticone1). You can bet I'll be following all the antics on Ocracoke with Ocracoke Current! Everyone be safe and NEVER let a loved one,friend, enemy or stranger drive after drinking. It can change your life in a minute.

Leslie Monticone

Ocracoke Gas Prices

Laurie and I would like to keep our community up to date with gas price fluctuations especially at this time in our nation when it seems there is no real ceiling for them.

Most of the community has realized that we have kept our prices lower than Hatteras for the past week by an average of 5 cents per gallon. While we would love nothing more than to keep this price difference, realistically this cannot be counted on.

Last week when we received a fresh load of petrol our laid in price was MUCH higher than our previous stock yet we chose (for the sake of our local community and time of year) to only raise the price by 5 cents. Had this been tourist season it would have jumped the whole increase without question. Laurie and I choose to do this as a friendly gesture to our community during the transition to new management at Ocracoke Station.

When we reorder fuel within the next week, unfortunately, the price will raise significantly unless an unprecedented drop in fuel price occurs between now and then.

That being said, we would like to be able to announce to the entire community when this happens with as much notice as possible so everyone can take advantage of these current lower than average prices before they jump.

I will be sending the message out via Twitter from @OcracokeStation and @OcracokeLife as well Laurie will be trying to tell as many folks as possible from the counter.

At this time we do not know when we will need to order more fuel inventory as we have a decent inventory at this very moment. But again as soon as we do place the order we would like everyone to to know about it.

Thanks for helping us spread the word so everyone can take advantage of our current discounted prices.

Sean Death

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