Ocracoke officers served a warrant on a man in his 20s for failure to appear in court. 

The original charge was driving with a revoked license. 

Deputy Boyd transported a man charged with domestic assault to Dare County jail.  Bond was posted 48 hours later.  Sergeant Daniels said it is important for people in abusive households to seek a protective order as quickly as possibly after an arrest is made.  Hotline advocates are available to help victims and can be reached 24 hours a day at 252-926-5481.

Ocracoke police take domestic violence "very seriously," said Daniels, and are ready to "assist anybody."  The office has information available in both English and Spanish.

A few vehicular stops resulted in warnings.  About 90% of stops by the Ocracoke police are contact and warnings, said Daniels. 

One citation was issued to a female for failing to get North Carolina tags.  The DMV gives new residents 30 days to apply for NC plates.  Seasonal workers are fine, even though they exceed this limit.  "If you're here for the summer, don't sweat it," said Daniels.  "If you live here and we've asked months ago, we're going to stop you, and you will get a ticket."

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