OVFD Medical Responder Class

Press Release


On November 14, 2011 Ocracoke Volunteer Fire Department started its first ever Medical Responder class.

This was a critical step in the quest to add better service to our island citizens and visitors. Upon completion of the class and skills, the students will be scheduled for a state medical exam where they will be officially recognized by North Carolina Office of EMS as certified Emergency Medical Responders. Instituting this program will greatly enhance Ocracoke’s emergency services ability to respond more effectively and efficiently to all medical and traumatic events that occur on the island. The students have been trained in several disciplines including: Advanced patient assessment, airway management, oxygen therapy, documentation, splinting bone injuries, hemorrhage control, burns, child birth, mass casualty incidents and triage. The idea behind such a program is to allow for the first arriving fire department personnel to treat illness and injuries while the ambulance is on the way to the scene or committed to another call. On critical calls their certification will also allow them to continue patient treatment to assist EMS as needed. The students went through 72 hours of class room and skills time as well as additional self-study hours and skills evaluations that were extra to insure quality care. The state exam will take place on February 16th on the island.

The class was presented through Beaufort Community College and was led by local instructors: Paramedic Eric Godbey and assisted by Paramedic David Kieffer, both from Hyde County EMS (Ocracoke Division). The following members were enrolled and successfully completed the course with well above average grading: Chief- Albert O’Neal, Captain- Van O’Neal, Lieutenant- Mark Justice, FF (firefighter)- Sunnie Godbey, FF- Susan Kennedy, FF- Amy Gutierrez, FF- Stetson Bond, FF- Barbara Burley, and FF- Micah Bissell.

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