An Ocracoke man was served with a restraining order.  Both parties must appear before a judge, who will then determine if the order is extended for a longer period, typically one year.  "That is a powerful piece of paper,"  said Daniels.  "You can't even look that person's way.  There is zero communication." 

You don't have to be on the wrong side of the law to end up in Caught on the 'Coke.  A male and a female resident of Ocracoke were both supeonaed to appear in court.  The two witnessed an incident in another county and are being called to testify. 

Officers examined a vehicle which may or may not have been keyed.  They determined there was insufficient evidence to bring a charge of injury to personal property.

On Friday night, officers were alerted that a woman in her early 20s may have been soliciting sex.  Did you just read that?  You did.  During the follow up investigation on Saturday Daniels spoke with a relative of the suspect.  Neither are residents of the island.  Daniels doesn't anticipate any further problems of this nature. 

Both Sheriff David Mason and Chief Deputy Guire Cahoon are riding the Swan Quarter ferry on Monday.  On Tuesday morning the department will attempt to move the two big rusted military trucks that adorn the jail to a better home, someplace off the island.

Caught on the 'Coke will be appearing each Tuesday on Ocracoke Current.  Until then, stay safe and try to be good.

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