Ocracoke bid farewell to Deputy Scott Wilkerson on Sunday, January 15. 

Good luck to Scott in his new post with the Leland Police Department.  A new deputy will arrive in February. 

Sergeant Jason Daniels said being accessible and available to all members of the community was their highest priority.  Officers attend many public community meetings and all the basketball games at Ocracoke School. They routinely drop by island businesses and are often on patrol.  You know where to find them if you need them.

In the past week officers responded to one domestic call on Ocracoke.  No charges were brought.  The officer shared information about the options available to the victim. 

A male resident of Ocracoke was served papers for failing to pay child support.

Papers were served Thursday, January 19 at 60 Water Plant road, declaring the property was in foreclosure.  Wondering where that is?  It's the Berkley center. 

A 30 year old male resident was arrested for a failure to appear in court on a driving violation charge.  Avoidance can only make things worse, said Daniels.  When you're in trouble with the law, the best tactic is to "just go ahead and deal with it."

Late at night on Friday the 13th, officers answered a call about a disturbance at a restaurant on Highway 12.  A disagreement between a local man and woman had grown volatile.  Neither had any interest in pressing charges, and both decided to then call it a night.  Excessive alcohol consumption was involved, reports Daniels.  Don't forget to think when you drink!

Caught on the 'coke will appear each week in OcracokeCurrent. 



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