COVID-19 Relief Options for Ocracoke

COVID-19 Relief Options for Ocracoke

Updates from OIRRT and Bread of Life Food Pantry:

While the Ocracoke Interfaith Relief and Recovery Team (OIRRT) does not currently have funds which can be allocated to combat loss of income due to COVID-19, there are options which we would encourage residents to pursue.

Homeowners: Request a Mortgage Deferment

Many banks are allowing mortgage deferment of up to 120 days. Contact your mortgage servicer to collect details about how you may benefit.

Renters: Create a Dialogue with your Landlord 

Contact your landlord and discuss whether or not they have pursued a mortgage deferment for the property in which you reside. If they do not have a mortgage on the property, discuss a temporary rent reduction. Oftentimes this can be successful when offering to defer a certain amount, and repay said amount during working months. 

If you are a member of the following banks, click to visit their website and see how they are assisting members:

The relief offered from these banks to their clients ranges from loan modifications on car loans, personal loans, credit cards and mortgages for those who qualify. Some institutions are offering personal relief loans to their clients as well.

Unemployment Claims   We encourage all residents who are out of work to pursue unemployment, as difficult as that process is at this time.   Consider staying up to date with the following sources: NC.Gov Disaster Assistance    For Business Owners: The OIRRT is actively searching for grant-based funding in order to offer COVID-19 relief to those in casework.


Bread of Life Food Pantry 

The Outer Banks Community Foundation grants $5,740.99 to the Bread of Life Food Pantry.

The majority of these funds will be used to purchase a commercial reach-in refrigerator in order to accept, store, and distribute a wider variety of nutritious foods to the community. $2387.10 will be used to replenish food supply, which has been in higher demand due to COVID-19.

The OIRRT and our partners at the Life Saving Church's Bread of Life Food Pantry are incredibly thankful for this support

COVID-19 Relief Options for Ocracoke

Last week, Life Saving Church's Bread of Life Food Pantry (temporarily located in the Fire Station) served 233 residents in 77 households. This was a 60% increase in clientele. If you are in need of a Food Hamper, please visit the guidelines here.

Mental Health Services

During this time, the OIRRT encourages all residents to engage in social distancing and self-isolation, while still keeping the physical and mental well-being of Islanders at the fore-front of our concern. If you are in need of Mental Health Support, please call or text Earle Irwin at 703-863-1243 to set up an appointment. These services are free of charge and confidential.


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