8% More Visitors This July

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8% More Visitors This July
Cape Hatteras National Seashore continues to experience high levels of recreational visitation this year.

July 2019 visitation was up by over eight percent compared to visitation in July 2018.

So far in 2019, the Seashore has hosted 1,573,212 recreational visits, up almost 2.5% versus the same period last year.

Year-to-Date Recreational Visits (through July)

2019: 1,573,212

2018: 1,535,511

2017: 1,402,188

2016: 1,398,899

2015: 1,286,782

2014: 1,217,089

2013: 1,317,174

2012: 1,383,585

Visitation estimates are collected by counting southbound vehicles just north of the Marc Basnight Bridge and using a multiplier to estimate the total number of passengers heading south. Those estimates are added to the number of passengers going to Ocracoke Island from Cedar Island and Swan Quarter.

“It is amazing to see that, year-to-date, the Seashore has received almost 300,000 additional visits compared to just five years ago,” said Superintendent David Hallac.

The Seashore offers a variety of recreational activities, including beach recreation (swimming, sunbathing, shell collecting, etc.); off-road vehicle use; fishing from the surf, boats, and piers; waterfowl hunting; lighthouse climbing; interpretive programs with a park ranger; camping; hiking; kayaking; watersports (surfing, windsurfing, kiteboarding, etc.); and wildlife viewing.

More Park news:

  • On August 17, 1937, President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed the bill that established Cape Hatteras National Seashore. You can read more about the creation and establishment of the Seashore by reading its administrative history document.As of August 15 at 1 p.m., staff have found 456 sea turtle nests across the Seashore. The previous record for a single season was 325 nests.  
  • Off-road vehicle access to South Point on Ocracoke Island is expected to reopen by noon this Saturday
  • For current beach access information and the weekly mileage summary, go to:http://go.nps.gov/beachaccess.
  • For field summary, visit:http://go.nps.gov/fieldsummary. 
  • Mileage and field summaries are updated every Thursday during the shorebird and sea turtle nesting seasons.
  • Over 25,000 people have traveled on the Ocracoke Express this season. The new passenger ferry service between Hatteras and Ocracoke islands runs seven days a week from May 20 through September 5. More info.

  • Visitors can sign up for beach safety text messages by texting “Join OBXBeachConditions” to 30890

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