OCBA offers a course in the "Skills of Negotiation" on February 2nd.

Richard Waldrop, Senior Vice President of Scotwork North America, will be presenting to OCBA members on the "skills of negotiation." This two hour workshop, presented by Scotwork Negotiating Skills, will give you practical tips on preparation, and will help you: gain power even with much larger companies, understand and communicate your needs, communicate and propose your solutions, and trade for better outcomes for you and your company. This works with suppliers, buyers, owners, executives operations, and sales people, whoever trades anything across your business. When negotiating agreements this will help you gain better, timelier results inside and outside your business. Through stories and real world examples you will gain strategic insights for bringing new value and better negotiated outcomes to your business and to you personally.

Attend this workshop and learn the points below and more:

  • How to prepare correctly for any negotiation
  • How to gain power even if you feel like you are in a weak position
  • How to set objectives when asing for what you must have or must avoid in your negotiaton
  • Who should go first when making proposals and why
  • Why having a Wish and Concession list will help you be more flexible

February 2, 2019; 9–11am @Ocracoke Community Center

Contact Ocracoke Civic and Business Association at

This presentation is Free to OCBA contributors.

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