Shutdown Relief Available for Ocracoke Residents

The federal government partial shutdown has disrupted multiple services and cut off income for island residents.

At least ten federal employees on Ocracoke are furloughed or working without pay. More Ocracoke residents are affected by the loss of SNAP and WIC benefits for February (winter is lean time on Ocracoke.)  

If you are in need of food, pet supplies, baby needs, etc. because of the shutdown, there’s an email account you can use to ask for help be sending a list of specific needs. Items will be supplied through the Assembly of God's Bread of Life Food Pantry and/or private donations. 

In your email, please include what you need, where the package can be delivered, and when it can be delivered. 

To email your list anonymously, you’ll need access to The email address to login with is The password is OINC27960. If you’d rather use your personal email, that’s fine, too. 

Email your list to Or you can reach out to Crystal Canterbury, Pastor Ivey Belch, Martha Garrish, or Deborah Ralston. 

If you would like to donate, items can be delivered to the Bread of Life food pantry at the Ocracoke Assembly of God Church.

If you are impacted by the Federal government shutdown and need help with bills (such as insurance, rent, money for food, water, power, etc.) you can come by the Ocracoke United Methodist Church office between 10–4, Tuesdays–Saturdays. If you have a question, give Pastor Richard a call at 928-6219. 

If you would like to donate funds to help with this ministry, you can stop by the church or send a check to Ocracoke UMC PO Box 278. In the memo line make it to the attention of "Pastor's Discretionary Fund." 


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