Hurricane Florence Hyde County Mainland Damage Reports and Available Resources

Press Release
Hyde County officials and staff have been working diligently since the flood waters have subsided towards recovery efforts in mainland Hyde County. The first step of recovery is assessment.

Damage Assesments to Homes and Assistance to Homeowners

All local mainland volunteer fire departments have assisted over the last several days to complete windshield assessments of all of the homes in our mainland communities. Our mainland VFD's estimated damage to homes and other structures during these windshield assessments and assigned a level of damage of either minor, major, or destroyed. These damages are submitted to the Hyde County Emergency Operations Center to be used to calculate total community and county damages, to seek declaration for disaster assistance and to provide resources to those in need. 

In addition to the windshield assessments conducted by our mainland volunteer fire departments, individual citizens are encouraged to report their damages to the Hyde County Emergency Operations Center by calling 252.926.3715. While windshield assessments are a valuable tool, a report from the homeowner gives Hyde County's Recovery Team more accurate information to meet the needs of those affected. If you received damage to your home please report that damage to the Hyde County Emergency Operations Center by calling 252.926.3715 anytime between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m. Local and knowledgeable staff will be there to answer your calls. 

Hyde County's initial assessments completed and submitted to the state today show a total of 255 homes that have been damaged. Of those homes, 36 homes were either destroyed or received major damage. While homes were damaged across all of our mainland volunteer fire department districts, a large concentration of destroyed and majorly damaged homes were reported in Ponzer, Scranton/Sladesville and Engelhard. As homeowners report damages, those damage reports will  be updated to reflect those reports, used to further refine our damage assessment and get the resources to those who need them with the goal of full recovery. 

Commodity Distribution 

Even when flood waters still ravaged our homes, the Hyde County Sheriff's Office assisted by the State Highway Patrol, NC Wildlife and NC Fisheries, checked on flooded homeowners offering evacuation or assistance and providing water, ready to eat meals and tarps. 

After the flood waters subsided but prior to the completion of our initial needs assessment, distribution of water, ready to eat meals and tarps were provided equally for distribution at all of our mainland volunteer fire departments. Some volunteer fire departments had much greater demand than resources provided. The completion of our needs assessment detailed above, will serve as a tool as we further distribute resources in the coming recovery process. 

Hyde County's Emergency Management team will work hand in hand with our mainland volunteer fire departments to get the needed resources to those that have been damaged and need assistance. 

Water, ready to eat meals and tarps will be provided to all homes that need and are classified as destroyed or having major damage starting on Wednesday, September 19, 2018. Those homeowners that received only minor damage, but still are in need of assistance should call the Hyde County Emergency Operations Center at 252.926.3715 and request assistance. Also, to check the reported damage level reported for your home and/or to provide updated damage assessment information please call the EOC.

We expect cleaning supplies to be delivered in the coming days and will be distributed by need. If you experienced flooding and need supplies for and/or instructions on cleaning up after a storm please call the EOC. We are also actively recruiting volunteer organizations to assist with clean up. If you are in need of a tarp, those are available as well. We will document your need and work to get you the resources needed to return your homes and lives back to normal. 

As resources become available they will be provided to those documented with needs. Again, please call 252.926.3715 to report damages, request assistance and/or to report other needs to our team. 

State of Emergency and Disaster Declaration 

While all mandatory evacuations, curfews and alcohol restrictions have been lifted on the mainland, a State of Emergency is still in effect for all of Hyde County. Hyde County is pending declaration as a disaster county by the state, has submitted our damage assessments and asked for consideration as a declared disaster county. Local officials have also coordinated with state and federal officials in an effort to communicate our needs and have our county declared a disaster county. More information in regard to this declaration will be forthcoming and pending Hyde's declaration, resources will be made available to those reporting needs. 

Hyde County has also requested and are expecting Individual Assistance teams with FEMA to arrive in the coming days to canvas neighborhoods and begin assisting homeowners. To make sure these representatives visit those in need please call 252.926.3715 to report damage and request a visit. 

Donations and Volunteer Service 

Many individuals, businesses and organizations are stepping up to the plate and offering assistance through donations and volunteer service. If you would like to donate or provide service please call the Hyde County Emergency Operations Center at 252.926.3715.

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