OCC Surveying Child Care Needs

Ocracoke Child Care needs information to plan re-opening.

We need YOUR HELP.  The Ocracoke Child Care board members will be distributing short survey forms to all businesses on the island.  If you have child care needs, please answer the few survey questions and return the form as directed. 

We cannot proceed with meetings and plans to re-open the Center without YOUR HELP.  We have asked to have the forms returned to us before June 8.

If you do not need child care but know of someone who does, please help us out by picking up a survey form and getting it to them. There will be blank forms also left at the post office and Variety Store.

This is very important to us.  We want to re-open the Center IF there is a need and/or interest but without your input, we have no way of knowing that there is a need.

Thank you! 

Ocracoke Child Care board

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