Welcome, Winnie!

Press Release
Welcome, Winnie!

The Ocracoke pony herd has a new member!

Winnie was born on May 3, 2018. Her mother is Sacajawea, a mare from Shackleford Banks who joined the Ocracoke herd in 2010, and her father is Captain Marvin Howard.

The foal was named by the Ocracoke School 5th grade students. Winnie Blount was a former slave from the Washington, NC area. She and her husband moved to Ocracoke after the Civil War and were the first African-American family on the island. 

Winnie will stay close to her mother for at least six months and will join the rest of the herd sometime in the fall of 2018.

For more park information regarding the Ocracoke Ponies and how you can participate in the “Adopt-A-Pony” program, see https://www.nps.gov/…/lea…/historyculture/ocracokeponies.htm or call 252-928-5111.

Welcome, Winnie!


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