Islanders Encouraged to File Claim With PCL

Press Release

 A letter to Ocracoke residents and business owners about possible income restitution after the recent power outage.

Dear Ocracoke Residents and Business Owners: 

The recent power outage has been a setback to the tourist season on Ocracoke. It affected business revenues in the peak tourist season and many businesses and local residents lost income and food inventory. Hyde County was and is always ready to assist its citizens in time of need. We took a lead position at our August 4 community meeting to help protect the citizens of Ocracoke and ward off the frenzy of lawyers circulating the island and creating a sense of urgency looking for class action. Since the community meeting, we have engaged in several discussions with PCL, their advisors and the Attorney General’s office concerning the matter and we all agree that direct contact between each person and PCL is now the most effective means to a timely and successful end. PCL has set up a website where businesses and individuals can file their claims directly. This website was not available when we started this process. However, in the best interests of the citizens of Ocracoke, the county wants to remain involved in the claim process. Our continued involvement will ensure that everyone is treated in a fair manner. We are suggesting that everyone do either of the following:

  1. Allow the county to file the claim on your behalf. PCL will then respond after receipt of the filing directly to you.  However, we will have your file and can stay involved per your need and request. All information shared with us will be kept confidential.
  1. Submit your claim directly to PCL via the website. The website is easy to navigate and could save time. The website address is There are three types of claims being identified by PCL; Resident claims, Business claims, and Vacationer claims. The forms you have already submitted to Hyde County will provide a great deal of the information required in the PCL form. Please assist us in getting this information to everyone affected.  Any assistance in getting this information to individuals, businesses and vacationers is appreciated.

With either choice, we will be standing by and totally available to help you in any way possible. If at any point you feel that PCL is not responding to your claim in good faith, please reach out to our office for assistance.  

If there are any questions related to this correspondence, please contact us at (252) 926-4400. 


Kris Noble, Assistant County Manager  

cc:  Bill Rich, County Manager

       Tom Pahl, County Commissioner, District 3


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