Unknown Substance Preliminary Lab Results Received

Updated 3 years ago Press Release

No agents of public health concern detected.

Preliminary tests conducted by the North Carolina State Laboratory of Public Health indicated that the unknown substance found at a local Hyde County business on June 15, 2016 did not contain chemical or biological agents of public health concern. Further analysis is being conducted and final results will be available in five days.

With the release of the preliminary test results, the Hyde County Sheriff’s Office has deemed that the probability of criminal intent has been drastically diminished, if not completely ruled out. It is anticipated that the law enforcement investigation will be closed with the release of official and final results from the laboratory. 

Original post from Thursday, June 16th:

An unknown substance was found at a local business on June 15, 2016.

Editor's note: This press released was issued from Hyde County at 4:30pm on June 16, 2016. It raises a lot of questions and we will try to answer them when we can. We don't even know if it's on the mainland or Ocracoke. We'll keep you posted. 

No persons that came in contact with the container or substance have displayed any adverse symptoms at this time. This is an isolated event. Employees of the business found the unknown substance during the screening process, which prevented it from entering the business.

An investigation has been initiated by the Hyde County Sheriff’s Office. Hyde County Public Health and Beaufort County Public Health are aware of the situation and are following all potentially exposed persons. The unknown substance is now at the North Carolina State Lab of Public Health for identification. Once identification of the substance has been confirmed, pending any further investigation, information will be released to the public.

Employees of the business contacted Beaufort County Emergency Management for assistance in identifying the substance, which was then transported to their office. Beaufort County Emergency Management coordinated with Hyde County Emergency Management since the facility is located in Hyde County. Hyde County has been in coordination with appropriate State and local agencies to aid in the investigation. 

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