Letter to the Editor: Sad Day in Ocracoke

While vacationing with my family last week, we decided a day trip to Ocracoke was in order.

We've stayed in Ocracoke many, many times over the years but decided to try out another town on the OBX. We ferried over and spent the day enjoying all the great things on the island we've loved for years. Our 6 year old granddaughter had a great time.

Here's where the sad part comes in. At the end of the day, before heading back to the ferry, we stopped for gas. My son-in-law was driving with my daughter in the passenger seat. We pulled out, went about 100 yards only to be stopped by the local NC state trooper. My daughter hadn't buckled up her seatbelt yet. No warning, $168.00 ticket.

I understand being vigilant in enforcing laws regarding drinking and driving, allowing children to drive golf carts, etc. but this was unwarranted and harsh. I have to say this completely ruined our day and will make us think twice about visiting the island again.

Lisa Gillogly

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