Police Blotter, Summer 2015

Crystal Canterbury

Capt. Jason Daniels of the Hyde County Sheriff’s Department said July has been very busy compared to previous months this year.

Three vehicle crashes occurred, plus an arrest was made for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI). During the DWI arrest, a Concealed Carry violation was also issued. Capt. Daniels urges anyone carrying a weapon to know North Carolina’s laws concerning firearms, and reminds drivers to notify law enforcement of any weapons inside the vehicle or on your person at the beginning of the stop. Any concealed carry permitted weapons can remain concealed, but the holder must tell law enforcement officers about the weapon. Failure to abide by those laws could result with charges.

Capt. Daniels also reported two dog bite incidents, an Assault by Strangulation, two charges of Assault on Government Officials (both Hyde County Sheriff’s Deputies on Ocracoke), and an Assault on a Handicapped Person.

A misdemeanor larceny was investigated, and a charge for Possession of a Controlled Substance (prescription pills) was also reported.

Sheriff’s Deputies also reported an Unattended Death. An unidentified male suffered a cardiac arrest and passed away.

Capt. Daniels wants to remind everyone on Ocracoke (residents and visitors alike) that the Sheriff’s deputies are here to protect lives and property, and urges people to call 252-926-3171 to report any type of incident when it occurs.

During the heat of the day, deputies make many daily contacts with pedestrians, bicyclists, as well as motorists and people operating golf carts and scooters while in their vehicles. In the evening, the deputies can be seen cruising around the village in a golf cart, which leads to easier contacts.Deputies routinely speak to people for various reasons throughout their 12-hour shifts, but they do not always result in a ticket (which is why those specific incidents don’t make it onto Caught on the ‘Coke).

Capt. Daniels wishes everyone a safe, fun summer, and encourages residents and visitors to reach out to the Sheriff’s Department for any questions and/or assistance.


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