Letter to the Editor: "Ferry Tax" Update

Thank you to Rep. Michael Speciale and Rep. John Torbett for filing House Bill #93.  

Rep. Speciale and Torbett are the primary sponsors.  Further, Representatives John BellBecky CarneyGeorge GrahamPricey Harrison, and coastal Representative Paul Tine have signed on as co-sponsors. 

House Bill #93 was filed on 2/16/15, and referred to the House Transportation Committee.  If it receives a favorable report, it will then go to be heard in the House Appropriations Committee.  If it passes these two committees, it will be heard on the House floor, and if passed, will be sent to the Senate.

This bill would eliminate all tolls for all ferries.  This is a good strategy because the NC Department of Transportation attempted, this month, to cut the Ferry Division annual budget by $800,000. The internal cut was stopped, but if it had been implemented, DOT would have wanted to start tolling to create a revenue stream.

We are just beginning the budget process, and we face challenges in the Senate with respect to “No Ferry Tax”.  However, House Bill #93 is a good beginning.

Please take a moment to email Rep. Michael Speciale and Rep. John Torbett  to thank them for their primary sponsorship of the bill and their continuing support of our ferry system.  Also, it would be great to thank the other co-sponsors.  Click on their names to email them.

If you have any questions about the ferry tax issue, please do not hesitate to contact Joe or Henri.  Best regards, Joe & Henri McClees

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Editor's note: McClees Consulting was hired by the Hyde County Board of Commissioners to fight proposed ferry tolls and to lobby for other issues important to Ocracoke and Hyde County.

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