Letter to Hyde County School Board

Ocracoke's United Methodist youth group petitioned the school board for art classes.

The following letter will be presented by county manager Bill Rich at tonight's Hyde County Board of Commissioners meeting at 6pm in the Ocracoke School commons.

Dear Hyde County Board of Education,

We are writing to you about the recent cuts in the art program in Hyde County. As we recall in our pasts, we remember taking and enjoying art classes that are no longer offered to us today. As we think about the younger studentsand their futures, here's a list of reasons why we believe the Art Program should return to Hyde County.

  • little kids need something to do other than computer class
  • some students would like to go to school for art (post-high school)
  • education is meant to open as many doors for children as possible and taking away art will only limit their opportunities
  • art helps children learn how to "color outside the lines" and "think outside the box'
  • every child should be exposed to art to see if they like it or not
  • art can lead the path of the future
  • art is an opportunity for achievement
  • without art, the school can't even enter the Federal Junior Duck Stamp Program
  • art can lead to scholarship opportunity
  • art offers healthy competition for children in something other than sports
  • children can't be expected to study books all day at school, they need hands-on learning and the opportunity for creative expression

We feel strongly about these points. We believe that if any funds are available, possibly funds being considered for board members' raises, they should be used for the Art Program.

Thank you for taking our concerns seriously,

The Ocracoke United Methodist Church Youth Group

Signed: Katie O'Neal, Kevin B. Perez, Carson F. O'Neal, Stacey M. O'Neal, Karen Perez, Darvin Contreras, Sidney Austin, Eldon Robinson, Lauren Strohl, Joseph Rammuni


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