January Police Blotter

Crystal Canterbury

Sheriff's Deputy Jason Daniels reported that in late December a Domestic Assualt took place. A male was charged and transported to Manteo as a result.

Deputy Daniels talked about what the Sheriff's Department will do if any kind of assault is reported, as detailed by the state of North Carolina.

"When we respond to a call - even if the person who called 9-1-1 hangs up - we still go to the location and investigate. When we arrive, if there are no physical indicators an assault took place, we urge the couple or people present to separate for the night. If there are physical signs of assault, we will make an arrest."

"If a man hits a woman - whether he slaps, hits, or punches her - that incident is classified as an Assualt on a Female. If a man hits, punches, or slaps another man, or if a woman does any of those to a man, it's classified as a Simple Assault."

In cases of Domestic Violence, the offender will be jailed for 48 hours, and no bond will be set before the accused goes in front of a judge. Daniels said the 48 hours time period is in place to give the victim the chance to leave, make arrangements for insure their safety, or find assistance. It's also considered a "cooling off" period for both parties.

"We want to make sure everybody is safe and we will help anyone in need," Daniels stated. "We try to encourage any victim to reach out to us for help, but we cannot force anyone to speak. We're here when they need us and we are ready to help." Daniels explained that domestic violence situations can be the most dangerous calls for officers. In order to be prepared for these incidents and to learn how to best help the victims, all the deputies go to annual domestic violence training.

Daniels continued by speaking about the Hyde County Hotline, a resource and support system for victims of domestic violence. "The Sheriff's Department encourages anyone having issues at home to call the Hotline. They're here for a reason: to help." Information about the Hyde County Hotline can be picked up at the Sheriff's Department Office.

In January, two DWI arrests were made, but Daniels said overall there hasn't been much activity.

Deputy Daniels also talked about the current community concern about aggressive animals. Daniels explained that as of right now, if an animal hurts a person, damages property, or attacks other animal the Sheriff's Department cannot make any arrests or take any animals reportedly causing harm from the owner.

"If a dog is off a leash in Ocracoke Village or in Hyde County period - except for National Park Service property - there's no ordinance against it." He continued by stressing, "Right now, there's no law against dogs being off a leash. Animal Control does not fall under the Sheriff's Department; it falls under the Health Department for now."

Daniels went on to explain that if a person is bitten by an animal and that person goes to the clinic, a report is completed by the Sheriff's Department for the Health Department. "The Sheriff's Department is not responsible for animal control. The only thing we can do is assist the Animal Control officer with capturing an animal. But we don't have legal authority to take someone's dog."

Daniels also said the Sheriff's Department reports, "twice as many cat bites as we do dog bites," to the Health Department. "If you get bitten by an animal, you must go to the clinic," Daniels explained. "That animal's records need to be pulled so the Health Department can varify the animal has had the required vaccinations. That's why it's been and currently is a Health Department issue." 

Daniels further said, "The county government is in the process of making new arrangements for animal control."


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