Police Blotter 6/24/3013

Jenny Scarborough

Typical summertime things are keeping Hyde Deputies busy.

There have been several minor fender benders, said Sergeant Jason Daniels.

Three DWI arrests were made in the last two weeks. Deputies are also alert to open container violations in vehicles, and citations have been issued. "You can wait to open a beer," noted Daniels.

The Sheriff's Department has written multiple tickets for passing on the right. Deputies have also issued several speeding tickets, both in the village and on Highway 12.

For every citation issued, deputies are giving three times as many warnings, said Daniels. Stops for minor violations are often investigative, to determine if a more dangerous infraction is occurring.

The Hyde ordinance regulating golf carts is being enforced with citations. Tickets have been written for lack of child restraints and for drivers under the legal age of 16. Golf carts need to drive on the roadway, not the shoulder.

Deputies responded to a call about damage done at the Fire Station under construction on Highway 12. A sledgehammer was removed from a tool shed, and several cinder blocks were busted.

A conflict between neighbors late on June 13 led to three island residents being charged with simple assault, a misdemeanor. Alcohol and poor judgement were involved. The parties will have their day in court.

Local law enforcement responded to a few disturbance calls. These were the result of going out, getting drunk, then getting home and getting loud. Deputies arrived to diffuse the situations. "Nothing major," said Daniels.

A few intoxicated people have been escorted out of the bar late at night. If a patron refuses to leave the premises after bar staff make the request for them to head home, deputies will be called. Usually the presence of deputies helps clarify the situation, as the option to leave becomes more attractive than the option to be arrested and charged with 2nd degree trespass. "If you leave, you will live to drink at that bar another day. Otherwise you may get banned," noted Daniels.

Music or any noise over 70 decibels is illegal. The volume on a few noise calls was turned down after deputies arrived.

The case of vandalism done to two Highway Patrol cars remains open, and is being actively investigated. "We're still pursuing leads," said Daniels.

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