Jenny Scarborough

NPS Enforcement Rangers reported the criminal activity from Ocracoke beaches for March.

Lead footed drivers received seven verbal warnings, five written warnings and eight violation notices.

Rangers continue to encourage compliance with the ORV Permit law. Ten verbal and four written warnings were issued.

Owners of capering canines accounted for the majority of crime in the park. The vast majority of thirteen received verbal warnings. One warning ticket was written, and one dog's behavior was sufficiently egregious to earn its owner a violation notice.

The NPS campground will open April 19. Until then, overnight stays in the park are not permitted. One verbal warning was issued for camping in a undesignated area.

Only two golf carts were discovered tooling around on federal land. One received a verbal warning; the other merited a written warning.

Prudent driving and licenses are required, even on the beach. A violation notice was written for unsafe operations, and one was written for no operators license.

Fires on NPS administered land require a free permit, are allowed only at the lifeguard beach, and must be extinguished by 10 p.m. One person warming an early spring night was reminded of this.

One arrest was made for possession of marijuana, and possession of drug paraphernalia.