Pinewood Derby 2013

The Ocracoke Cub Scouts held their annual Pinewood Derby on March 16th.

Pinewood Derby 2013

Here are the results:


1st place: Christian Stevens

2nd place: Reese Gaskins

3rd place: Lee Winstead

Pinewood Derby 2013

Most Original:

1st place: Gator by Mason Fuller 

2nd place: The Hipster by Russell Stevens

3rd place: Dragon Slayer by Reese Gaskins

Pinewood Derby 2013

Best in Show: 

1st place: Call of the Wild by Donovan Anderson

2nd place: Body Slammer by Will O'Neal

3rd place: Starfighter by Alexander O'Neal

Pinewood Derby 2013


Thanks to Melinda Esham for the photos! 



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