Pirate Haiku

Or, A Wench's Tale of Loss and Redemption in Six Verses

Thanks to Ocracoke Current avid reader Sue Marshall of Illinois, who sent us this amazing photo she took of the sky just after sunset. She says she loves those glassy sound sunsets!" 

Sue also reminded us last week that International Talk Like a Pirate Day was coming up, so we can thank her for Cap'n Rob's story today.

Thinkin' on this holiday, she put quill to parchment and drafted a Pirate story in Haiku for th' pleasure o' th' crew. Go ahead and dig up yer own treasure of piratical poetry and hoist yer haiku or rhymes in the comments down below. 

A Wench's Tale of Loss and Redemption 

Old salt broke my heart
Booty and bilge addled me
Me the chase again

Privateer? Nay – a Pirate!
His lights sang a shanty sweet
I be the pillage

Ahoy! Hello?! Wench
Will swab with that swab – shipshape
and smartly I be

Bilge sucking sea dog
And what be awaiting ye?
Look on me no more!

To the briney deep
Dead men tell no tales
Let's say we find out!

And some kinder fate
Kiss the gunner's daughter mate!
Cat o' nine tales too

Fish food or shark bait
I will scupper you some way
Perhaps keelhaul, too

Turn your lights away
From this comely wiser wench
Yo ho ho – indeed!