Jenny Scarborough

Only two violation notices were written during the first half of September.

Both citations were for speeding.  Ocracoke Rangers stopped seven other zippy drivers and issued warnings.  When you're on vacation, make memories, not haste. 

18 drivers were warned to get an ORV Permit before returning to the beach.

Four cavorting canines were warned to attach a leash to their collars while in the park.

Fires must be permitted, are restricted to the lifeguard beach, and must be fully extinguished by 9 p.m.  Four warnings were issued for fires in undesignated areas.

Three drivers on the beach between 9 p.m. and 7 a.m. were told to respect the night driving restrictions, which were partially lifted on September 16. 

Four warnings were given to the operators of golf carts who had ventured into NPS administered land.

It's been slow, and that's all there is to report, said Ranger Ed Fuller.