Jenny Scarborough

Labor Day weekend brought crowds, but nothing out of the ordinary.

South Point Road re-opened to ORV traffic Saturday morning, after being closed for several days.  "There were deep, deep holes and ruts.  It was in bad shape," said Ranger Ed Fuller.  After the holes were filled with sand, the road was re-graded, and it remained closed until standing water from abundant August rains evaporated.

Speaking of ORV traffic, 17 drivers were educated about the need for ORV permits, available in the office next door to the NPS Visitor's Center.

Per usual, Rangers encountered nudists on their patrols.  While rangers typically remind the seamless tan set to put some bottoms on, they made an exception for the sunbathing naturist who'd set up shop less than 75 yards from the Lifeguard Beach, and the first violation notice for indecent exposure of 2012 was written.  Someone who'd chosen a more discreet part of the beach on which to let it all hang out received a warning.

Any local will tell you to allot twenty minutes to reach the Hatteras ferry from the village.  Of course, it is possible to make it in ten minutes, but if you get pulled over, you're missing that ferry anyway.  Three violation notices were written for speeding, and two warnings were issued. 

One person was charged with illegally passing on a double yellow line, and one with driving off of the designated roadway. 

An unsafe operations violation notice last week was earned by the driver of a golf cart in the down base parking lot, who'd decided to test the limits of the vehicle by bumping into and running over things. 

Golf carts may not operate outside of the village limits.  The crosswalk just north of Highway 12 is the limit, and South Point road is also a federal road.  Two drivers were told to turn around.

The four dogs that were warned to attach their collar to a leash while in the National Seashore had nothing to do with the three sites that received a visit from rangers reminding them of the NPS Campground rules. 

Night driving and beach fires are scheduled to make a welcome return after nesting season is over.  Two warnings were issued for fires, and three for driving between the hours of 9 p.m. and 7 a.m.