Police Blotter 6/28/2012

Jenny Scarborough

Last week was not too crazy for Ocracoke Island officers.

Sergeant Jason Daniels reported that the Sheriff's Department made a number of golf cart stops.  They continue to write citations for open containers, although the idea that a golf cart is subject to the same laws as other vehicles seems to be catching on. 

Or not.  Several tickets were issued last week to parents who let underage drivers, one a tender 8 years old, take the helm of golf carts.  "It upsets me to have to write this ticket," said Daniels.  Ocracoke is not a venue to teach your child how to drive.

Speaking of children and poor judgement, it is against NC law to inhale spices with the purpose of becoming intoxicated.  A number of youth have died as a result of huffing bath salts and over-the-counter aerosols. 

A tip led to a charge of possession of marijuana.

Officers will always write a citation for passing on the right, said Daniels.  Don't do it.  The violation earns you a $250 fine and 4 points on your license.

On Friday there was an incident at a local bar.  A male resident assaulted another man. 

"Out of the blue he clocks the guy, then leaves," explained Daniels.  While leaving there was another altercation, with a summer employee, who was attacked with glancing blows.  The department took out papers and charged the island resident with two accounts of simple assault.  Bond was posted.

Both victims expressed their willingness to testify, and will be subpoenaed to appear in court.  "If they don't show up, we have no case," said Daniels.

Despite lots of day traffic during the middle of the week, the season doesn't seem as busy as past years, and Daniels is hearing from many businesses owners that there numbers are down.

July 4th is less than a week away.  State Troopers will be on the island.  Wear your seatbelt, stay between the lines and respect the speed limit.


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