Stephen and Robyn (and baby Emmeline!) on their 2nd anniversary.
Stephen and Robyn (and baby Emmeline!) on their 2nd anniversary.

Robyn Potter Monticone and her husband, Stephen are former residents of Ocracoke.

(His parents, Bill and Leslie Monticone, live on the island.) In February, a drunk driver hit Robyn’s car head-on and she still has a long road ahead to recover from her serious injuries.

Leslie Monticone just returned from Utah, where she was helping out after the accident. She sent Ocracoke Current this update: 

First of all, thank you all so much for your cards, calls and emails.  Believe me, they helped.  We all appreciate them so much.

Robyn is healing slowly.  She now has an air cast on her leg and is being allowed to put some weight on her leg.  She goes to OT and PT twice a week for work on her shoulder and hand and now her leg.  Progress is slow.  She still has only about 20% shoulder – hand mobility.  Makes it impossible to hold that beautiful baby, but she’s working hard to improve.

Robyn still has more surgery ahead.  The nerves in her shoulder are not re-generating.  She saw a nerve specialist this past week and will have another nerve test in July before seeing her again to discuss nerve surgery.  She has 4 foreign bodies in her hand that have to be removed.  She may also have a “balloon” inserted under the skin on the top of her hand and some work done on the knuckle of her long finger.  There is still the probability of a complete shoulder replacement at some point. 

The next court date is set for July 11.  Robyn and Stephen have decided to proceed with a jury trial and the alleged drunk driver will be charged with a felony DUI.  He was only willing to plead to a misdemeanor DUI.  This is his third offense and both Stephen and Robyn agree that they couldn’t live with themselves if he continued to drive while intoxicated and killed someone next time.  This time was too close.

I’ll head back to Utah August 1 and plan to stay until, or through, October.  All depends on how Robyn is doing.  Robyn’s Dad and Step-Mom are there now, allowing me some time to come home!  Boy do I miss that beautiful baby…and Robyn and Stephen, too!

Keep those positive energies flowing to Utah!   We appreciate all your love and support.

Back in March, Ocracoke Current reported about the Rally for Robyn fundraiser to help Robyn and Stephen with medical bills and extra childcare for baby Emmeline, who's now a big one year-old! Check out the Rally for Robyn facebook page for more information, or to make a contribution.