Jenny Scarborough

Fishing tournament?  No problems, said Ranger Ed Fuller.

Tournament anglers rarely cause any problems for Park Service Enforcement Officers.   "They just fish.  What they do at night time in the village, I don't know," said Fuller. 

In other NPS Enforcement news:

10 drivers were given warnings for failure to procure an ORV permit.

6 received warnings for speeding, on both the beach and the highway.  "We usually get people for speeding when we're in transition from ramp to ramp," said Fuller.  Rangers don't set up stationary radar, and are typically pretty lenient, he said.  Cruising along at greater than 15 mph over the speed limit will get you a ticket, however.

A golf cart driver on south point road was asked to return to the village.

3 dog owners were warned to put their pets on a leash.

"Attitude always helps to dictate if people get a ticket," said Fuller. 

Some people make decisions that give Rangers little choice.  A visiting man was given a violation notice for driving off a designated roadway.  He drove directly between two of the ten signs at Ramp 70 that clearly say, 'no vehicles,' explained Fuller.

A New Jersey man received a violation notice for unsafe operation of a vehicle on Highway 12.  He allowed a female passenger to ride standing on her seat, with her torso outside of the car's sunroof.  The consequences of even a small accident could be severe.  Think about it.

Ranger Shane Bryan is off the island training as a Use of Force Instructor.  With his certification, Cape Hatteras National Seashore should be able to conduct all mandated trainings and re-certifications of rangers within the three districts comprising the National Seashore.