Jenny Scarborough

Last week was quiet and slow for NPS enforcement rangers.

On Friday a visitor from Wisconsin received a written warning for not having an Off Road Vehicle Permit.  Since permits are a new thing a lot of people don't know about, rangers are being a little more lenient about writing violation notices, said Ranger Ed Fuller.  A written warning carries no penalty, but creates a case record.  "We'll know you've been warned before," said Fuller. 

A North Carolina man was given a written warning on Friday for having an open container of alcohol.  Wait until you have stopped the vehicle before popping open a cold one.  Both state and federal laws apply in the park.

After being reminded on Saturday night that it is illegal to sleep overnight in NPS parking lots, a California woman was issued a violation notice on Sunday morning when she was found sleeping in an NPS parking lot. 

Bike week rumbled through with no problems, said Fuller.  "There are usually no problems with bikers," he said.