Eat, Breathe, Move

Jenny Scarborough
Eat, Breathe, Move

The 5th annual Spring Wellness Day emphasized health and relaxation.

About 35 Ocracoke residents explored different traditions that benefit the mind and body.  The day started with yoga, Tai Chi and meditation, was followed by a healthy pot luck lunch, and ended with half hour mini-sessions.

Cheryl Blankenship offered acupuncture; Terrilyn Grace West, Amy Hilton and Ann Ehringhaus gave watsu, deep tissue, and acupressure and Reiki massages, respectively.  Kris Harris and Calvin Hanrahan offered physical therapy; and Laura Hardy provided nutritional counseling.

All of the therapists and professionals who participate offer their services for free, and Deepwater Theater donates the space.   "Today is one of my favorite days.  Energy flows when you are in a community together, and connected," said organizer Amy Hilton.  The event grows every year.

"Everybody was feeling good about being there," said Henry Schliff, who led a warm up yoga session to start the day.  "Amy did a great job." 

Amy teaches Anusara yoga and is licensed massage therapist. She encourages devotees of her classes to attend the wellness day and learn other ways to center and strengthen their bodies and minds.

Eat, Breathe, Move

"I love yoga.  It reminds me to align and breathe," said Megan Aldridge, who was also glowing from a recent massage.

During the mini-sessions Henry "had a great experience with Kris, the physical therapist.  She released one thing and I'm fine," said Henry, who as a long time yogi is "very aware of my body."

"I feel so fortunate.  I just love everything I am doing," said Henry's wife, Grace.  "Healing and teaching is what I should be doing."  She practices Watsu, a form of massage that takes place in a warm pool.  "Water is like a whole other therapist," said Grace, who is enamored of the gentle, deep form that frees up the spine.

Visit Grace's site to learn more about watsu.

Eat, Breathe, Move

As a relatively new therapist on Ocracoke, Grace has more availability, and is offering a fantastic deal to Ocracoke locals who schedule their first Watsu before the end of May.

Grace also teaches and practices Tai Chi.  It is relaxing, incredibly calming, and excellent for developing balance, strength and flexibility.  "It's not aerobic, but it does everything else," she said.  Balance is especially important as people age and falls become more dangerous, said Grace.

Ocracoke Current recently added a calendar devoted to exercise classes to our CALENDAR page.  The schedules for yoga, Tai Chi and other classes can be seen here

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