Sweets for your Sweetheart

This year, Valentine's Day will be on February 14th.

Ocracoke's cadet, senior and ambassador Girl Scouts make it easy to share what is in your heart.  With homemade cupcakes!  The troop of 7th - 12th graders "will all be working together" to bake and frost the cupcakes, which they will present to your Valentines with a message of love, said troop leader Sandy Boos. 

Delivery of a single cupcake costs $3.  A four pack costs $7, and includes two chocolate cupcakes with chocolate frosting, and two vanilla cupcakes with a white chocolate butter cream.  The proceeds will benefit the troop, helping them buy supplies and fund future trips off the island.

They will be taking orders until February 8. To place yours, talk to any of the troop members: Brieanna, Sydney, Bricia, Caroline, Kaylee, Josie, Sierra, Karen, Amanda, Deanna, Mattie, Abigail, Lucy, Katie or Molly.  Or call Sandy @ 921-0089 and she'll make sure you get an order form.