Old Ocracoke

Memories and musings shared by Candy Gaskill on the Ocracoke Island, NC Facebook page and re-posted here with permission.

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About Candy

Candy Gaskill is a 4th generation Ocracoke native. She grew up on the island and graduated from Ocracoke School in 1984. She’s the former owner of Albert Styron’s Store (and the great-granddaughter of Albert Styron himself), has worked in many of Ocracoke’s locally-owned businesses, and serves on the volunteer boards for Ocracoke Preservation Society and Ocracoke Community Center. Candy lives in her grandparents’ historic home and has many extended family members on the island, including two young nephews, Aidan and Preston. 

In 2020, Candy started the Ocracoke Island, NC Facebook group page to share Ocracoke's history, people, stories, and memories. She says, "There is a lot I don't know, a lot I am learning with you and some unfortunately I will never know due to the passing of so many old timers that growing up I didn't take the time to listen to. This for me has turned out to be a ‘labor of love' of my island home and the people who made it so special to me growing up and still do!!