Alan Sutton
Pompano, Bluefish, and Mackerel
Melinda Fodrie Sutton

What to expect from June fishing....

Pompano should start to make their appearance in the surf by early June. These hard fighting fish are caught close to the edge of the beach, right in the waves where they are chasing fleeing sand fleas. Light surf rods with just enough weight to hold the bottom provide anglers with the most fun and help detect bites. Bait includes shrimp and squid, with the fresh sand fleas being one of the best. Young kids can help out by catching the sand fleas, while they play in the surf. Look for clean, clear water for these excellent fish.

June is a great time of year for kids to enjoy the beach and have fun fishing. Sea mullets and small bluefish should provide action, even if the pompano aren’t cooperating. A little bit of fresh mullet, some shrimp, or a box of squid can entice some finfish for young anglers on the beach. How many of us can remember being out of school for the summer, on the beach, having fun fishing? It’s a great way to build memories and teach the kids about the habitat.

Chip Evans with his 47 pound cobia caught in the sound on June 11th, 48" length, 23" girth.
Chip Evans with his 47 pound cobia caught in the sound on June 11th, 48" length, 23" girth.
Small boaters can target Spanish Mackerel by trolling Clarkspoons and drones along the tideline and in the inlet. Silver, gold, chartreuse, or pink spoons trolled with four to eight ounce sinkers or behind small planers can produce results. Small bluefish should also be abundant. Cobia may be found lurking beneath any structure, whether it is a sea buoy or a turtle.

Closer inshore flounder, gray trout, puppy drum, sea mullets, black drum and others may be caught as well. Offshore of Ocracoke, dolphin, black fin tuna, and bill fish fishing begins to pick up with the warmer weather.

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