Ocracoke Library to Host Guest Speaker Tom Cunningham

All are welcome to attend this free and informative presentation on Saturday, May 13th at 7pm.

Please join Ocracoke Friends of the Library in welcoming Tom Cunningham as he presents "Ocracoke and the Battle of the Atlantic: 1939–1945" on Saturday, May 13th at 7pm.  

Tom Cunningham is the son of Sub-Lt. Thomas Cunningham, one of the four crewmen of the H.M.T. Bedfordshire who are buried in Ocracoke’s British Cemetery. Tom is a retired Royal Navy Reserve Commander, and is visiting Ocracoke to take part in the annual British Cemetery Ceremony on Friday, May 12th at 11am. 

Ocracoke Library to Host Guest Speaker Tom Cunningham

The illustrated lecture will describe the Allied and Axis strategies before and during the battle, and how Allied technology plus a major American contribution assured victory at sea and in Europe. Particular note will be made of the U-boat attacks and subsequent heavy ship losses suffered during 1942 off the East Coast of the USA and the Carolinas plus the wider activities of the USN in the Central Atlantic. 

All are welcome to this informative presentation about the World War II battle just off our shores. Refreshments (tea, scones, crisps, and biscuits in honor of our English guest) will be provided. 

For a history of the H.M.T. Bedfordshire, click here For a great article in the Charlotte Observer about Tom Cunningham visiting Ocracoke in 2012, click here.