Crystal Canterbury

Ocracoke police report for June 2016.

I’m back at it! Thanks to Captain Jason Daniels of the Hyde County Sheriff’s Department, Caught on the ‘Coke is back online. Here’s what happened in the month of June.

Several larcenies happened during June, one of which resulted in items being stolen out from under a home;

Charges for Motor Vehicle Theft and DWI were both brought against an individual. The stolen vehicle was recovered;

Two hit and run fender benders occurred, and there was also a vehicle crash; several underage citations were given to individuals driving golf carts; tickets were issued for Passing on the Right, and also for speeding.

Charges for Domestic Violence and Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle were brought against an individual. A call to the Sheriff’s Department was placed due to a domestic violence incident, where an assault with a deadly weapon occurred, and a vehicle was stolen;

A golf cart was stolen, which is an Unauthorized Use of a Vehicle. No charges have been filed at this time;

A sexual assault occurred and is being investigated. All leads are being followed. Captain Daniels encourages residents and visitors to walk home with someone or in a group, and suggests having a person of contact who can stay on the phone with you if you’re traveling by foot or bike during the nighttime hours. Captain Daniels expressed the importance of calling the Sheriff’s Office if an incident occurs, and also reminds residents and visitors to call for a ride if they ever feel threatened or are worried about their safety. Daniels continued by stating Dispatch will remain on the phone with a caller to ensure he or she returns home safely.

In light of recent break-ins, Captain Daniels strongly encourages everyone to lock their vehicles and secure their personal property. He explained that it just takes one individual coming to the island to commit a theft or a series of thefts, and as a precaution residents and visitors can lock their cars and houses. He also asks that witnesses report any suspicious activity to the Sheriff’s Department immediately.

Captain Daniels is very happy with how the Fourth of July events went, and thanks the National Park Service for their help during the parade. He continued by saying how enjoyable the holiday weekend was by having the celebrations spread out over two days.