Crystal Canterbury
Ocracoke Police Blotter: May and early June

Traffic violations include several DWI arrests and tickets given to drivers for speeding and passing on the right There was also a hit and run accident, and that driver was caught and charged with Failure to Report/Leaving the Scene of an Accident.

Several domestic violence calls were placed, two of which resulted in arrests.

Capt. Jason Daniels of the Hyde County Sheriff's Department wants to remind everyone that as of July 1, 2015, mopeds and scooters must be registered and plated in order to be operated. If anyone has questions, please contact Capt. Daniels or the Hyde County Sheriff's Office.

This month, Blackburn Warner was sworn in as Ocracoke's newest deputy. Deputy Warner replaced Deputy Cole Boyd, who served Ocracoke for several years. Capt. Daniels said, "We thank Deputy Boyd for his four years of service to the Ocracoke community." Congratulations Deputy Warner!

Hyde Sheriff Guire Cahoon bought golfcarts for Ocracoke's deputies so they can, as Capt. Daniels said, "Get down on a more personal level with residents and visitors." He continued by saying, "Using golfcarts will allow us to make contact with people easier since we won't be inside a vehicle. We'll also be able to communicate more effectiviely with bicyclists and pedestrians about laws and general safety."

Now that summer is upon us, Capt. Daniels wants to remind everyone in the village about the noise ordinance. He said, "If you're creating noise between 10pm and 7am that interferes with someone else, you're too loud. Noise levels are limited to 70 decibels between 10pm and 7am." Daniels contiued by saying, "If noise can be heard from one property to another, it will need to be turned down."

For special events, permits can be attained that will allow participants and entertainers to continue past the 10pm cut-off time, but the decibel level still cannot go above 70. Violations of ordinance include a $250.00 fine with a court appearance for the first offense, and a $500.00 fine and a court appearance for the second offense. For more details about the noise and other ordinances, check out PDF files can be downloaded and viewed from this website.