Crystal Canterbury

Three Orders for Arrest, or Arrest Warrants, were issued.

One came through as a Failure to Appear in court, and the other two were both issued due to two incidents of Simple Assault.

An Assault on a Female, also called Domestic Assault or Domestic Violence, was reported and led to an arrest. Another Domestic Violence call came through, but no arrest was made in that incident.

A fight at a local establishment led to two Simple Assault warrants being issued.

Another fight at a local establishment led to several warrants. Three Simple Assault warrants were issued, as well as warrants issued for one Assault with a Deadly Weapon and one Assault Inflicting Serious Injury. Two people were charged in the incident.

Multiple traffic related tickets were issued and consist of several Passing on the Right tickets, one No Operator’s License (not having a valid driver’s license) ticket, plus some tickets for Passing on the Double Line were issued.

A report of Indecent Exposure was also made.

The last two weeks of April and some of May will be included in next month’s Police Blotter.