Busted! Fall - Winter Round-up

Crystal Canterbury

Do you ever wonder what kind of activities will get you busted on the beach?

Well, just read on. District Ranger Ed Fuller reported what activity went on from September through December. Here's the list!

  • 20 speeding violation notices and seven warnings were issued.
  • Two golf cart violations.
  • "No ORV Permit" notices were issued, along with ten written warnings.
  • Four "Dog Off Leash" violation notices.
  • Four "Possession of Open Container of Alcohol" violation notices, and two written warnings.
  • One "Violation of Spirituous Liquor" violation notice, and two written warnings.
  • One violation for "Fishing without a License."
  • One violation notice for "Unsafe Operations," and two written warnings.
  • One "Travel Off Designated Route" violation notice.
  • One violation notice was given for "Violating Terms of ORV Permit" agreement.
  • One violation notice was given for "Failure to Move Over for Stopped Emergency Vehicle."
  • One arrest was made for "Possession of a Controlled Substance," and another arrest was made for three charges consisting of "Possession of a Controlled Substance," "Possession of Drug Paraphernalia," and a "Weapons Violation."


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