Crystal Canterbury
Fog in Sound; Mainland Cut Off!
Airplane at Ocracoke Airstrip grounded! Ferries to stay docked!

Due to unusually heavy fog over the Pamlico Sound and in Sound-side villages this morning, people on the Mainland have no way of accessing Ocracoke Island.

The normal morning sounding of a ferry horn indicaticating its departure was not to be heard on Ocracoke, and we know without a doubt the ferry scheduled to leave Cedar Island for Ocracoke at 7am also stayed silent because of the fog.

Village and porch lamps are reduced to tiny specks of light due to the vast amount of dense water droplets lurking around the entire Pamlico Sound and towns on its banks. The Lighthouse has seemingly disappeared; its white-washed tower encased with fog, making navigation to the island treacherous. And forget about driving on this eerie morning. Even vehicle fog lights – lights installed specifically for this type of weather event!! – are dim, small circles of white light, illuminating just centimeters out from the bulbs!

The Weather Channel's Jim Cantore is rumored to be arriving soon, which is a clear indicator of the severity of the situation due to the currently unrelenting fog. Being that Mr. Cantore is well known around the Outer Banks and the rest of the country, this irregular fog event is likely to garner national attention via The Weather Channel, and could possibly be blown way out of proportion by the media (aren't you happy that I never exaggerate or become overly dramatic?) Mr. Cantore will obviously make an unforgettable arrival (if the rumors of his visit are true) and will be forced to fly in by pelican or hot air balloon since the airstrip and ferries are indefinitely staying put.

Hyde County officials released a statement urging people on the Mainland to stay inside until the fog subsides to avoid becoming disoriented or lost. They also reminded nervous travelers on the Mainland not to panic, saying, "The fog will, in time, dissipate."

Not since Hurricane Arthur and the days following has the weather been so intense, the travel situation so dire for people trying to get to Ocracoke. Those marooned on the Mainland must be going completely out of their minds! Ferries are scheduled to depart from Swan Quarter and Cedar Island at 10am and 10:30am, respectively, but if the fog doesn't lift the people hoping to visit will be delayed for, what will feel like, an eternity.

The two Sound crossings to this exquisite little piece of land have never seemed so impossible to make; travelers must be worried they'll never get here. The thick fog could cause people to be stranded on the Mainland for hours with nothing to do. The humanity! But at least all the stranded ferry passengers - bound to their vehicles for an uncertain amount of time - are in line way before the required check-in time of 30 minutes prior to departure.

Ocracoke Island will remain here, its residents patiently awaiting the arrival of ferries filled with visitors.

*The origin of the headline comes from one that appeared in a London newspaper around 1874: "Fog in Channel. Continent Cut Off."